Bartlett Area Stories!  Share Your COVID-19 Experience With Us.  We are in this together.

What’s Your Story:
While we are apart, it is important to remember we are all one community. Together, we have strength, and this project we are asking you to take part in will be a compilation of our lives at this point in history. What is your COVID-19 story? 


What content is the Library compiling?
We want to hear about your experience throughout this changing time. How has your life changed, what are your thoughts about the pandemic, what activities are you doing to fill the time, or is there anything else you’d like to share? You may send us more than one submission. Some example works that you may want to contribute would be: journal entries, drawings, poems, short stories, photographs, hand-written notes, etc. 


How do I make a submission?
We are accepting digital files for this project. Submissions must be in the following formats to be accepted: JPEG, PNG, PDF, (.doc).


If you create a hand-written piece or a drawing and do not have access to a scanner, then you may email us at to let us know. When the Library reopens to the public, you may come in to scan and submit your work then. 


Submit your work here.


By when do I have to submit my work?
This is an ongoing project as we do not know how the future looks for the COVID-19 pandemic. We will let you know when the time comes for us to stop taking submissions through our social media platforms, eNewsletter and website. If you aren’t already doing so, please follow us on social or sign up to receive our eNewsletter. 


What is the Library planning to do with the submissions?
Once we have stopped compiling submissions, everyone’s works will be combined into a physical and/or digital collection, or they could be displayed as an exhibit within the Library when we reopen. 


This project is for all ages, and is for the Bartlett Area’s residents and the surrounding businesses. Thank you in advance for your submissions, we look forward to seeing them.


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