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Dementia Support Kits

These have activities that appeal to older adults with forms of dementia.

Link to list of dementia support kits in our library catalog.

Spaces Available

We have plenty of rooms for you to relax, study, work on group projects, and more! Policies Apply

Link to Rooms Available to Use Page


There’s a variety of eSources available for use if you need help with research. Only BPLD patrons remotely; anyone in-house.

Link to Digital Content Page

Outside Resources

We’re more than happy to help you find additional information that goes beyond our physical materials and digital content.

Link to Contact Page

Computer Classes

These classes may cover various topics such as Microsoft Word, social media and more.

Link to Genealogy brochure PDF.


Adult Events

Join us for crafting, cooking, concerts, technology classes, book clubs, and more!

Link to Genealogy brochure PDF.

Book Clubs

Talk books and meet new friends at our Book Clubs! Or, use our Book Club collection when hosting your own meetings.


Need help for genealogical research? We’ve got you covered with a variety of resources! Just let us know how we can help, and we can point you in the right direction.

Link to Genealogy brochure PDF.


Enjoy our subscriptions in-house. We also have Examiner copies that go back years, and a month’s worth of recent Daily Herald and Chicago Sun-Times publications.

Digital Content

Use your BPLD card to read books, watch movies, listen to music, and more right from home.

Link to Digital Content Page

Library-Wide Collections

Aside from books, we carry DVDs, CDs, video games, audiobooks, magazines, youth puzzles, youth flashcards, ACT/SAT Prep Launchpads, Playaways, VUDU Sparks, and family resource kits.

Virtual Blood Drive

Since we aren't hosting an in-person blood drive, we have a virtual one going on! All donations are currently being tested for COVID-19 antibodies, which would potentially help those battle the virus. Sign up for a spot today!


Computers & Laptops

Use our computers with a registered library card, or we have 15-minute computers for quick tasks and laptops for in-Library use! Youth computers are on the second floor. Policies Apply


Check these out to get WiFi on the go! BPLD cardholders 18 years and up only. Policy Applies

Link to list of Hotpots in our library catalog.


Transfer cassettes to MP3 files or turn your VHS tapes into digital files with our converters, which are available for checkout.

Cassette to MP3 Instructions (12 pp, 690 KB)

VHS to Digital File Instructions (3 pp, 225 KB)

Link to list of Hotpots in our library catalog.

VUDU Sparks

Get one of these devices for over 150 movie and TV show titles at your fingertips. WiFi, HDMI, and USB port on TV required.

Link to list of VUDU Sparks in our library catalog.

Upcoming Adult Programs
Links to information about getting free tickets to Museums, Zoos & More.
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