Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a BPLD card?

If you live within our District, stop by with proof of residency. Some examples include:

  • Illinois Driver’s License or ID card
  • Utility bill
  • Mortgage papers
  • Rental agreements
  • Title to property

Call ahead to make sure we are your library! Not all portions of Bartlett are within our District.

Link to Reciprocal Borrower Patrons Page

What’s my username and password?

Username: Library Card Barcode

Password: Your birthdate as month and year (MMYY). For example, if your birthday is Dec 7, 1984, your password is 1284.


Call 630.837.2958 for issues.

Do you accept donations?

The Foundation and the Friends of the Library accept monetary donations through online or physical payment options. They also accept some non-monetary donations.

Link to Donate Page

What happens with my items when I’m on vacation?

Can I get a longer checkout period?

As long as there are no hold requests for the items, you can renew them.


How can I keep my holds active?

Suspend your holds by going to My Account and then Requests. Do this to keep your place in the holds queue.


My hold came in, what now?

If you receive notification of holds while on vacation then please call 630.837.2958.

Can I print, scan, or fax?

Printing/copying in black & white or color costs $0.20 per page. You also have the capability of sending a print job from your home to the Library with our WiFi Printing. Scanning to email is free. A fax machine is also available, with costs being $1.00 for the first page and $0.50 for each additional page.

What happens when you don’t have an item in your collection?

For items less than six months old that have been released/published, BPLD residents can fill out this form, call, or ask for it in person. Limit of five items a month for purchase.


BPLD patrons can request items from other libraries directly from our catalog. Make sure OCLC is selected under the “Select Databases” button after you’ve searched our online catalog. To see items from other libraries, make sure to click “Add Pending Results,” which appears just above the list of available items. Find the item you want, hit “Place Request,” then follow the prompts. You can also call or request items in person.

What are the checkout periods and overdue fees?

Video games and DVDs can be checked out for one week. All else can mostly be checked out for three weeks. Times for specialty items may vary.


Most items have a late fee of $0.10 per day. However, there are late fees of $0.25 per day for DVDs, VUDU Sparks, Discovery Packs, and Launchpads, and $1.00 per day for video games.


Pay overdue fees here.

I’ve damaged/lost an item or my BPLD card, what do I do?

For damaged items, the borrower must reimburse us the cost of the item(s).


For lost items, renew first to see if they can be located. If unable to locate, the borrower must reimburse us the cost of the item(s).


If your BPLD card is lost/damaged, a replacement card costs $0.50. You’re responsible for all items, fines and fees checked out on your card until its loss is reported.


Call 630.837.2958 to report a lost BPLD card or to speak about lost/damaged items.

How do I renew or place a hold on an item?

Items automatically renew up to two times if there isn’t a hold on them. Renewal times run from one to three weeks based on the type of item checked out.


Place holds over the phone, in person, or through our online catalog by hitting the “Place Request” button and following the prompts. Once an item is ready, you will be notified.